Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn for Charlie

I love fall. Sometimes Charlie does too. He is, however, not wild about the newly windy weather. I suppose it is too reminiscent of the storms that he hates. All those positive ions, you know. The other morning was beautiful and gusty. I lay on the couch applying for jobs while Charlie hid under the desk. By the time I had added five more applications to my deeply depressing cumulative total, I envied Charlie a bit.

Here he is:

Even through my blind and obsessive love for this dog, I realize that it is a little abnormal and unhealthy how much time we spend together. When he is not outside, he rarely lets me out of his sight. He follows me around like my own personal poltergeist. I trip over him a lot these days. He reproachfully stares at me and whines when I sit in a manner that precludes him from sitting on me or sitting directly next to me. Maybe I need to get out more. Maybe I need a job.

I am happy it is fall though.

It means Charlie can accompany me on more of my errands without the worry of him dying in a hot car.

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  1. Camo constantly follows me around as well. When I get off the couch for a drink, she gets off the couch to follow me to the kitchen. The kitchen is about 10' away from the couch. Apparently this distance is too great. Gotta love the snuggles though. Does Charlie sleep under the covers too?