Friday, September 4, 2009

How much does it cost to send a letter?

I have in my possession the most valuable postage stamp of all. That would be Charlie. Despite the hunger strike and the sad eyes, his parents still have not returned and he feels like he lacks attention. He compensates for this by never letting me out of his sight and touching me whenever it is possible (note I did not say comfortable).

Here he is:

At this point, he feels that the seal is providing him with enough amusement that he does not need to hover over me as I type, drooling on my keyboard and mimicking a canine guardian angel. Last night, he felt that I was taking up a little too much of the bed for his liking. He abruptly hopped off and huffed around the room, scratching at various items. Little did I know this was part of his elaborate plot. As I sat up to reach something at the end of my bed, he hopped up behind me, laying his head on the pillows and stretching out. Unable to move him, I spent the night scrunched up, with a face full of fur, listening to puppy snoring.

There are worse things.

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