Monday, December 7, 2009

Separation Anxiety and other Stories

Charlie had a rollicking good time the last week of November. All the family was home and Charlie was the center of attention. I have never seen so much affection lavished on one young pup. Moreover, as it was Thanksgiving and my sister feeds him copious amounts of illicit food when she visits, he ate well (and often). Here he is dressed up in his festive Thanksgiving bandana.

Unfortunately, as I am now working in an actual office (?!?!?!) instead of freelancing from home, Charlie and I have been having some problems with separation anxiety. All of my fears were realized this week when I returned home to find paint chips covering the ground near the door. Thinking that my father had been doing some home improvement project, I thought nothing of it. Then, when my parents came home, they remarked on it. We deduced that when we had left the house that morning, Charlie scratched the door frame in a desperate attempt to communicate "TAKE ME WITH YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU TAKE ME WITH YOU". I cannot tell you how much this makes my heart hurt and how upset I get every time I think about it. He went into work with my father the next day (where there are thirteen (13!) pitbull puppies to be friends with) and seemed to be grateful to go back to bed this morning, but it still makes me sad. I wish we could go everywhere together.

Also, on a more cheerful note, Willy decided to practice his dj-ing skills this weekend.

They grow up so fast.

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