Friday, August 28, 2009

Hide and Seek

It has been a hard week for Charlie. He was so excited this past weekend because all of his family was home and the weather was sunny and delightful. Things quickly went downhill from there. His sister left, the weather turned rainy, suitcases were strewn across the house, indicating more departures were looming. What is a puppy to do?

Yesterday was a black day. His mother and father left. His brother left. No amount of sitting in suitcases could convince them to stay. Charlie was sulky all evening.

Adding insult to injury, the weather turned stormy today. Charlie spent the morning alternating between hiding under my desk, hiding under my bed and sitting as close to me as physically possible. He was sitting on my legs when I went to take a shower. But when I came back, Charlie wasn't there and something was different about my room. I couldn't put my finger on it....

Aha! That mysterious lump in my bed! What could it be!?

This may be the only time I will ever melt from cuteness when I pull back my covers to find a living thing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Charlie and Food

Charlie, like most dogs, loves food. An unapologetic omnivore, his favorite treats are carrots and he hovers around the garbage can when I peel cucumbers, hoping for stray shavings. However, a vegetarian he is not. Generally, he sits quietly under the table during dinner, moving only to devour any food or napkins that have been dropped. When a particularly large quantity of meat is present (as happens frequently due to my brother's existence), he begins to act like a shark that senses blood in the water. The Great White Charlie will circle around and crisscross under the table, with only his fluffy white tail indicating his position. When he feels particularly bold, he pops up on his hind legs, balancing by planting his front paws on his chosen victim (usually in the vicinity of their vital organs). Behold:

I am glad to see that his mischievous ways have returned. The last two days of storms have been hard on him, but with the return of the sun and all of his family home to give him the attention he deserves, he is bouncy and cuddly. Currently, he is breathing in my face as I play this game:

Beware. It will consume your life.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First things first

Charlie is my dog. He is adorable. As in, he is the most precious dog in the world. My existence is pretty much the live-action version of cuteoverload. Blog-to-life, if you will.

Here he is:

What a baby. There is a bad thunderstorm outside and Charlie hates thunder. He is trying to fit under my bed, but there is only room for his head. His posture is that of an unusually adorable ostrich.