Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Julian and Bailey!

Happy birthday friends! I am late for Julian (by 5 days) and early for Bailey (by a couple of hours). My video recording thing on my computer has decided to freeze every time I try to play a song. Which is a problem when it comes to the production of dancing Charlie birthday videos. Sooo, these pictures of Charlie in festive attire will have to serve as a stand-in until I manage to fix the problem. Rest assured that Charlie will return to his rug-cutting ways once all technological glitches have been fixed.

Charlie celebrates Bailey and Julian's birthdays' proximity to Mardi Gras!

Charlie celebrates the best birthday present of all! The sure-to-be-announced news that Mei Xiang is pregnant!

Charlie models my brother's AC/DC trucker hat. Everybody wins!

Charlie is tropical (?) with a tropical reptile friend (?) to celebrate the imminent arrival of summer!

Charlie wears sunglasses, claws them off his face several times, effectively ends celebratory fashion parade.

Happy Birthday!


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