Thursday, November 25, 2010

Charlie continues to suffer the indignities of seasonal attire

This Thanksgiving, there are not one, not two, but three animals here for me to love!  Charlie, of course, was subjected to a thematic costume (as it is Thanksgiving, my only non-problematic option was a turkey). He was a pretty good sport about the whole thing though, as I think he was somewhat drunk on the food choices in front of him.  He sampled some mashed potatoes, some gravy and had his first brussel sprout!  It cannot be said that Charlie is dog that does not appreciate his vegetables.  Here he is:

 My sister also brought her two kitties.  I've met Cowcat before but Gambit was new to me!  They are both very cute.  Cowcat, who also goes by Fatcat, is pretty much just a big ball of fur who watches everything somewhat disdainfully, even when he is being petted.  Gambit is one mischievous little munchkin.  Here they both are:

I am thankful for these babies and all the rest in the world. 

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