Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Rant

Dear Democratic Party,

Please stop fucking up. Are you all delusional? Did you imagine that a party controlled by reactionaries who thought that John McCain/Sarah Palin was a winner of a ticket would embrace bipartisanship? You know why Scott Brown won in Massachusetts? Because when I got emails from Emily's List about phoning voters for Martha Coakley, I didn't do it and neither did many others (not even Coakley herself it seems). And you know why? Because three years of a congressional majority and one year in the White House hasn't done anything. Because we are embroiled in two massively expensive wars with no end in sight. Because our foreign policy agenda is still bullshit. Because we don't have anything resembling national healthcare. Because there hasn't been a whole lot done to ensure justice and equality if you are a person of color, of a different ethnicity or religion, female, trans, non-heteronormative or anything deviating from how the majority of people in Congress identify. Because the previous administration compromised the Constitution and the values of this country enormously and I haven't seen any meaningful steps to repair that.

And I am not excited anymore. The unyielding corruption, bureaucracy and empty promises are chipping away at my belief that this democracy can better itself and thereby better the lives of many, many people. I thought that Barack Obama was going to make changes. I thought that the ineffective leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would be replaced by people with agendas dedicated to making this country a more just place. Instead, we get people dithering over college football and catering to JOE FUCKING LIEBERMAN.

So, Democrats, here is how you get me to donate and to phone bank again. Start pushing for actual progress, because this compromise strategy isn't getting anything done and selling out your base. I'll get out there on the front-lines if I think that the person I am working for will work for me, even if not all measures succeed.

Not so much love,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy! (A Day Late, Inexcusably)

So, yesterday I got drunk for the Patriots v. Ravens playoff game. Then, I proceeded to pass out mid-afternoon while mourning their loss. Amy, you know I love the Patriots but I can be sanguine about our dashed Superbowl hopes if it is just a karmic balancing of accounts for having you in my life! Without further ado, I present your birthday video, with love, from Andrea and Charlie: