Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A sad tale

I had to take Charlie to the vet this morning before I went to work.  He has been feeling abandoned and scared (what with all the storms and the wind).  He hid under the covers this morning until I got out of bed, at which point he retreated under the bed.  I couldn't get him out from under the bed and he wasn't tempted by carrots or other food, so I was left with no choice.

I asked him if he wanted to go to work.

Of course, he did.  So with a guilty conscience and a heavy heart I led him into the garage.  He knew when I put the slip leash on him instead of his normal harness what was up.  He went dead weight and I had to lift him into the car, at which point he started shaking and crying.  I still feel so guilty!  He wouldn't look at me when I checked him into the vet and pulled at his leash until he was choking himself.  Sigh.  I am trying to comfort myself by knowing that he had a good weekend and I gave him lots of attention:

Here he is all smooshed in bed:

We also went for a very long and exciting walk in the park:

I still feel guilty though

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