Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Belated Kitty Report

I cat-sat for my dear friend's adorable kitty a few weeks ago.  Finch is an amazing cat.  First, he is one of the nicest cats I have ever met, just a wonderful personality.  He leaps into boxes with the enthusiasm of Maru, he cuddles in your lap, he purrs, he meows pleading when you go near his treats and kneads your leg.  He is just a delight.  Also, he is toilet-trained.  Literally.  He pees in the toilet, sitting on the side, with his tail held daintily to the side.  It is just incredible.  Anyway, some pictures:

Purring like a motor..enjoying a good scratch
He loves his bed, but like a good feline, also likes nesting

Snoozing like a good cat

Lap cat

Monday, March 14, 2011

Homework Helper

I went home last night for a family dinner and some quality time with babykins.  I was not disappointed:

It is amazing how much easier it is to feel motivated about schoolwork when such a cute and smooshy pup is present.  Charlie and I both insisted that he accompany me to the metro this morning.  My brother doesn't like driving with Charlie in the car so he was not pleased.  I have to wear a smock over my clothes because Charlie prefers to sit in my lap in the car and he sheds so much!  The route to the metro passes by the office where Charlie goes to the vet.  He started shaking and crying as we got close to the turn-off, such a smart dog!  He was very relieved though that he didn't have to go.